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About ASMi Training Tracker Dashboard

training trackerMore than a static “training tracker”

ASMi integrates the training and certification processes into a coherent training tracker dashboard equipped to measure and manage personnel readiness more effectively in a wide array of enterprise settings.

Where ASMi is different from other systems is that it supports management of the certification process/business as well as management of the results.

Automates the business of technical certification

Because a training manager or mentor is no longer required to manually document certification events or manage the actual documents, they can spend more effort on assessing and managing technical readiness and mission requirements.

ASMi allows the flexibility to examine a training jacket without needing to be physically in the work center. This flexibility allows managers and inspectors to check a training program at any time, not just during an audit or inspection.


training trackerDriving standardization throughout organization

ASMi enables the program requirements workforce to effectively collaborate with the operational communities.

Without a tool like ASMi, it is very challenging to standardize, collect effectiveness feedback, collect emerging requirements from the field, or collect meaningful metrics.

Proud history of on-time and on-budget delivery

ASMi is fourth generation software developed by Paladin Data Systems.