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ASMi Workforce Readiness Features

ASMi by Paladin Data Systems is web-based software designed to develop and manage workforce skills.

ASMi Workforce Readiness is a single dashboard that lets you:

  • Create a set of learning objectives and training paths.
  • Verify performance and training milestones.
  • Track each employee as well as classes and teams.
  • Create a single space for all documentation and computer-based training.
  • Report on your team’s progress and readiness.

ASMi is a strategic cloud-based application which provides the ability to quickly plan, build and manage workforce skills across your organization.  Military, police and first responder organizations use ASMi to improve personnel readiness, track performance, provide insight, and make decisions with confidence. ASMi can also be used by health care entities, private companies, schools and any organization that requires ongoing educational tracking.


icon-perssonel-readinessEnterprise View of Personnel Readiness
 ASMi collects data across the enterprise and presents the information in meaningful ways to your organization support strategic planning efforts.


icon-workflowBusiness Workflow Support
 ASMi creates workflows accommodating how each organization handles workforce training. Because the workflows are familiar, organizations can readily adapt to ASM Industrial and away from using paper-based training records.


icon-clear-objectivitiesClear Learning Objectives
ASMi specifies clear learning objectives and career paths to earn and maintain the accreditations and skills necessary for optimal performance.


icon-verificationVerification of Performance
 ASMi provides verification that approved training objectives were successfully accomplished and provides insight into areas where additional training may be required.


icon-training-documentationRepository For Training Documentation
Single repository to capture and retain personnel records associated with

– Computer Based Training (CBT)
– Job Performance Aids (JPA)
– On the Job Training (OJT)
– Interactive Work History
– Exams

Ability to take advantage of the comprehensive and constantly expanding amount of corporate training data.

  • Real-Time Data
  • Trending and Analytics


Development and Maintenance of a Qualified Workforce
icon-qualified-workforceProvide an organized training plan to the workforce providing a simple and cohesive understanding of training requirement. Training plans include training tracks, training syllabi, and learning events.

  • Qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Skills


icon-system-flexibilitySystem Flexibility
Ability to assimilate existing paper records, and recreate and transform processes into a formal system.

  • Organize and improve existing business practices
  • Business self-reliance
  • Standardized training information


icon-data-ownershipData Ownership and Controls
Provides in-depth controls so privileges and ownership realities are addressed.

  • View organization-wide qualification level
  • Flexibility of assigning roles for different abilities to view the data
  • Ability to update training requirements as necessary
  • Strict but flexible authorization controls for assigning training




Call Paladin Data Systems at 877-367-4572 for more information and a free quote.  Contact us to set up a demo. Learn more about how ASMi can streamline your workforce management:


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