Mason County Chooses ASMi to Manage Training

Client:  Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Shelton, Washington (pop. 61,000)

Challenge: Mounting Paperwork to Manage Personnel Training

Managing and tracking personnel training was becoming a daunting task for the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, as was meeting the needs of public disclosure laws. Mounting paperwork in the form of files, evidence and training documents needed to be preserved and maintained at headquarters. There was no centralized, organized system for keeping important documents. As a leader in adapting to process improvements and efficiencies through the use of technology, officials within the 110-member Mason County Sheriff’s Office realized they needed to improve management of officer readiness.

Solution: ASMi Manages Training in One Place

Mason County chose ASMi to provide management oversight and resource assignment support by customizing development and training. ASMi enables law enforcement management to immediately assess the overall readiness of their police force, view complete up-to-date department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, incident investigations and emergency response.
ASMi met all of Mason County’s needs:
• Replace multiple products, thus becoming more efficient in an environment of risk and budget constraints
• Cloud implementation in Amazon Web Services eliminates costs associated with hardware, backups, disaster recovery systems, database management, and other expenses
• Accountability via verification of training. ASMi provides easily-accessible substantiation of officers’ training and experience, a critical feature during court cases.
• Flexibility and ongoing improvements as part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model all customers automatically receive. This allows the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet.
• Move away from paper and eliminate redundancies in administrative efforts.


• Improved public relations: Compliance with public disclosure laws has been improved, meaning requests for such non-confidential information from private citizens or the media are now carried out much more efficiently.
• Up to hundreds of hours saved: “It is so much faster to document training,” Adams said of using ASMi, specifically noting that documentation for firearms training has been “sped up 100-fold.” Time spent answering public records requests over the course of a year also drastically reduced.
• Save time and money: Keeping vital training documentation and other paperwork in a centralized electronic location via ASMi means better and quicker access to reports and such. “Bringing more things together in one location is good in terms of saving time and money,” Travis said.

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