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Law Enforcement Training Critical to Restoring Public Trust

Restoring public trust in law enforcement through managed training

Summary: The decline in the public perception of law enforcement is caused by a combination of a unending news and social media. Police departments, which already generate high levels of emotion and controversy, are particularly susceptible to negative and imprecise content on social media. Outcomes include increasing legal actions against police departments, at taxpayer expense.

This new reality means police must constantly improve their training. Agencies must be diligent to mitigate risk of litigation. Finally, police need to boost transparency to give citizens a window into what police are doing and why. In short, better training, reduced risk, and increased transparency are a good start to law enforcement winning back the public’s trust in the digital age.

ASMi supports training, risk management and transparency through continual performance assessment and improvement. ASMi offers an ever-expanding array of benefits to law enforcement by enhancing the efficiency of operations and the effectiveness of programs, empowering officers in the field, expanding officers’ investigative and analytic capabilities, and supporting information sharing capabilities. ASMi provides the ability to view data in meaningful ways, giving law enforcement organizations the means to make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and ultimately raise the operational performance of officers and departments.

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